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About Us

YOU are Welcome!!

We at Harrison UMC extend a special welcome, to those who are single, married, divorced, widowed, filthy rich, dirt poor, y no habla Ingles.

We extend a special welcome to those who are crying newborns, fidgety children, excited toddlers, and the parent(s) who may be worried about them. (We have an EXCELLENT Children’s Church program!)

We welcome you if you can sing like Frank Sinatra, prefer to hum along to yourself, or claim to be tone-deaf. You’re welcome here if you’re “just browsing,” just woke up, or just got out of jail. We don’t care if you’re more religious than the Pope, or haven’t been in church since last Christmas.

We extend a special welcome to those who are growing old but not grown up yet, and to teenagers who are growing up too fast. We welcome soccer moms, NASCAR dads, starving artists, tree-huggers, latte-sippers, vegetarians, vegans, carnivores, gluten-intolerant and junk-food eaters. 


We welcome those who are in recovery or still addicted. We welcome you if you are in your prime, in the dumps, a life-long church goer, or just plain don’t like “organized religion.” If you blew all your offering money at the dog track, or never had it to begin with, you’re welcome here.

We offer a special welcome to those who work too hard, don’t work, can’t spell, or are you’re visiting grandma and she wanted to go to church.

We especially welcome those who are inked, pierced, or both. If you're gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual, transsexual, transgender, have a preferred pronoun, or have no preference at all, we WANT you here!!

We offer a special welcome to those who had religion shoved down your throat as a kid, are just curious about God, or got lost in traffic and wound up here by mistake. We welcome pilgrims & tourists, seekers, sinners & saints, doubters ... and YOU!

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